In the year 1902 a child was born in Iran who later on changed the destiny of a nation and that of the Muslim World by his divine uprising. He led a revolution against which the world’s entire dominant powers and all enemies of freedom and nations' independence, lined up since its commencement.

That day no one knew that he would be the one whom the future will know as 'Imam Khomeini', one whose name will be heard in every spot of the world and will remain in history, one who, once began an uprising, will resist against the greatest world powers and defend the independence of the country and the dignity of the Islamic nation and will become the reviver of God’s religion in an era when values have undergone a metamorphosis.

Who is Imam Khomeini?

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the mystical and ethical explanation of forty selected hadithes by ImamKhomeini (ra)​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​
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