The Mourning of Muharram (also known as Azadari, Remembrance of Muharram or Muharram Observances) is a set of commemoration rituals observed primarily by Shia people. The commemoration falls in Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar. Many of the events associated with the ritual take place in congregation halls known as Hussainia or Imambargah.

The event marks the anniversary of the Battle of Karbala (AD 680/AH 61), when Imam Hussain ibn Ali, a grandson of Prophet Muhammad, was martyred by the forces of Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad, on the orders of Yazid . Family members and companions accompanying him were either killed or subjected to humiliation. The commemoration of this event during the yearly mourning season, with the Day of Ashura as the focal date, serves to define Shia communal identity. Muharram observances are carried out in countries with a sizable Muslim population.

Shia mourn during Muharram, although Sunnis do so to a much lesser extent. Storytelling, weeping and chest beating, wearing black, partial fasting, street processions, and re-enactments of the Battle of Karbala form the crux of the observances. 

What is Muharram?

With the global outbreak of coronavirus, there’s nothing more soothing and mollifying than visiting the Holy Shrines of our sacred Imams and feeling the presence of their warm helping hand around our lost, dismal hearts. Having trust (and Tawakkul) in God and his will, we shall have hope in the coming of a day in which we would freely travel and go for the spiritual adventures we have long missed. In the meantime, we shall take an alternative, imaginary way to reach out to the bright hands of our leaders and let them into our hearts. Listen to the music by Mr. Karimkhani and enjoy the pilgrimage.​​​​​​​

the 3D virtual visit to the holy shrine of Imam Hussain (as)

Influence Of Imam Hussain On Famous International Personalities​​​​​​​

Hussain TharAllah - Sayyid Ali Alhakeem -English Noha

The night of Ashura
Discover the history!

Ashura in Iraq- Karbala
​​​​​​​from the view of Jay Palfrey

​​​​​​​Videos on the occasion of Muharram

 VR karbala is an innovative project that is aiming to bring the tragic incident of karbala to life. Through virtual reality VR karbala is aiming to allow its user to walk among the companions of imam (as), praying behind the Imam(as), listen to the heartbreaking cry of the children, ride along with Abbas(as), see the frustration of Zaynab(sa), feel the grief of Imam Hussain (as) and the vulnerability of imam zainul Abideen(as).

Virtual reality karbala HD,
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