Presently, these days belong to the most superior woman who walked on the earth, the greatest lady throughout history: Lady Fatima (as). She was an exemplary woman, who, although lived a short life and departed earth as a young lady, is a role model for all zealous, devout Muslim men and women, and even non-Muslim people who are familiar with her prestigious position.
We should follow Fatima's lead. During the life of Fatima (as), there is one point that we should consider. Here, we will not question the degree of her spiritual position and knowledge; we are not even capable of comprehending the spiritual greatness of Fatima (as). In fact, at the top of human spirituality and perfection, only God knows and understands the high level of such individuals--and others at their level. Thus, Fatima (as) is only known to her husband, her great father Mohammad (pbuh), and her pure children. The people of her time, of other times, and we in this era are not able to recognize the brilliance and splendour of her spirituality. The bright light of spirituality is not detectable by everybody’s eyes; our short-sighted and weak eyes are unable to see the luminosity of humanity in these great personalities.  
Therefore, we do not discuss the definition of Fatima’s (as) spirituality. However, in her ordinary life, there is an important point: on the one hand, as a Muslim woman, she perfectly performs her duties at home and behaves nicely towards her husband and children; on the other hand, as a zealous, tireless person she acts for her causes. In political events, shortly after the death of her father Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), she went to the mosque, gave a speech, expressed her position and defended her cause. Hence, she represented a marvellous, fighting personality that is tireless, enduring, and tolerant. 
The third aspect of her life reveals her as a devotee of Allah, who performs prayers in the dark of nights, uprises for Allah, and is humble before Allah; and, in the worshipping chamber, this young lady worships and speaks to God like the old pious people. Combining these three dimensions is the luminous point in the life of Fatima (as). She did not separate the three dimensions. 
Some people think that those who worship God are only concerned with prayers and worship, and cannot be involved in politics. Or, some people think that those--women and men--who are active in politics and the arena of jihad on the path of Allah, if a woman, she cannot perform her duties at home as a mother and a wife; and as a man, he cannot be a good businessman, husband or father. 
They think these qualities are contradictory. Whereas, in the view of Islam, these aspects not only reveal that there are no contradictions, but they are also helpful towards achieving the perfect human personality.
Ayatollah Khamenei, December 13, 1989