It is not acceptable that we only express love and admiration for Hazrat Zahra (as) while we do not follow her lifestyle and manners. She so favored the hungry that for the sake of them, she gave food of her own family-like her children(as) and her father (PBUH)- to the poor: not for one day, not for two days, but for three consecutive days. 
We pretend to be followers of this magnanimous lady, however, we not only avoid to offer our food to the poor, but we might even take the food from the poor, if possible.
The hadiths narrated in the book Kafi and some other books, on signs of Shiites, refer to the same point. That is, the Shiites should act in this manner. We need to reflect their [the Al uhl-Bayt's] lifestyle and manners in our life--though slightly. We, and those of higher positions among us, can never reach their high status. Still, we should try to be similar to them. It is not acceptable that we move in the opposite direction compared to the lives of Al uhl-Bayt, and we pretend to be their admirers  and followers. Is this possible? Imagine, during the life of Imam Khomeini (ra), a person inclined to the enemies of the Iranian nation-whom Imam reproached repeatedly. Could he say he followed Imam Khomeini?! If you heard such a person saying so, wouldn’t you laugh at him?! The same is true for Ahl uhl-Bayt(as).

The true follower
​​​​​​​of Hazrat Zahra (as) supports the poor