According to his autobiography, he was bon in Larijan on June 30, 1928. Most of his early life was spent in Amol. After his preliminary education in Amol, he was introduced to Haj Fath Allah Madrasah in Tehran. He studied under the supervision of Sayyed Ahmad Lavasani; he then went to Marvi Madrasah by order of Muhammad Taghi Amoli.
Ayatollah Hasanzadeh was a philosopher in Islamic philosophy and mysticism. He was also skilled in jurisprudence, poetry, traditional medicine, mathematics, and astronomy.
He has published nearly sixty works in fields such as philosophy, jurisprudence, mysticism, astronomy, and other sciences.
“Treatise on the Perfect human”, “Lectures on the Soul”, “Exegesis on Mulla Sadra's Asfar”, “Exegesis on Al Farabi's al Fosus”, “Treatise on Knowledge”, and “Unity from Hakim and Mystics' Perspective” are the titles of some of his works.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, called the late Hassanzadeh-Amoli as a pious scholar and the monotheistic follower of the Divine Path.
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei prayed to Allah to bestow divine forgiveness and blessings on him and elevate his spiritual ranks to the highest.​​​​​​​

Allameh Hasanzadeh Amoli
was a prominent religious scholar in Iran since 1950 was an Iranian Shi'ite theologian known for his mystical tendencies. and Islamic philosophy. He was among clerics who have overcome the traditional opposing to teaching philosophy courses at Shi'ite seminaries.

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