Four lessons by Lady Fatima Zahra for humanity

We should make greater efforts [towards emulating Fatima Zahra (as)]. Lessons to be learned from the life of Siddiqat al-Taherah, Fatima Zahra (as), involve making great efforts, showing diligence, and leading a pure life;--just as that great personality, the manifestation of enlightenment and purity, led her life: she was "pure, immaculate, virtuous, and pious," [Kamel al-Ziarat, page 310]. Traits of purity, piety and enlightenment of such an exceptional person are what have influenced our Islamic teachings throughout the history of Shi’a Islam.
That is to say, in her short life, Fatima Zahra (as) achieved the position as the primary woman of all females. In other words, she is superior to all great and saintly women throughout history. What factors, forces, and what kind of inner strength could lead one person to become such an ocean of wisdom, piety, sanctity and spiritual transcendence in such a short time? This is a miracle of Islam.
Another pivotal matter is in regards to the blessed descendants of this great person [Lady Fatima Zahra (as)]. The association of Sura al-Kauther with Fatima Zahra (as)--even if such an association had not existed in our collection of hadith--is an accurate association. There are so many blessings that have been bestowed upon the Holy Prophet's (pbuh) household and on each and every one of the Imams (as). The world is full of enjoyable individual, social, worldly and otherworldly melodies, which rose from the pure lungs of the Imams (as). Hussein ibn Ali (as), Zeinab al-Kubra (as), Imam Hassan al-Mojtaba (as), Imam Sadiq (as), Imam Sajjad (as), each and every one of the Imams (as) would produce these melodies. See what great excitement exists in the world of spirituality and on the path of guidance because of the words of these great personalities and their lessons and teachings. They are the children of Fatima Zahra (as).
Jul 5, 2007​​​​​​​